Owner Services

North Shore Vacation Rentals has been managing vacation rentals for homeowners on Lake Travis for the past ten years. We can help turn your second home into an income generating business. Let us do the work for you! The services we offer include the following:
* Professional Hospitality Staff.
* 24 Hour Emergency Line Service.
* All Maintenance and Housekeeping services while guests are on the property. We will contact the owners for any other repairs that may be needed.
* Post Rental Inspections.
* Advertising on Multiple Sites, Campaigns, and Sales Material.
* Website Including a Reservation Database Allowing Guests to Book Online.
* Binders in Each Unit, Containing Information on Available Amenities, Local Attractions, and Restaurants.
* Maintain Relationships with Local Wedding Venues.
* Actively Involved in Community Organizations, Such as Chamber of Commerce and Local Charities.
* Handle All Reservations, Payments, and Correspondence with Guests.
* All Guest Assistance, Including Check In/Check Out Process.
* Collect and Disburse Funds, including State/Local Occupancy Taxes.
* Online Monthly Owner Statements.
* Owner Access to Our Reservation System to Monitor Bookings, Statements, and Create Blocked Owner Stays.
* Golf Cart Rentals and Pontoon Boat Rentals.